One must not lose your humanity in the search for righteousness, being human and being Christian are not mutually exclusive tenets. Remember, to err is human but to forgive is divine…Your search for Christianity should find itself somewhere in the middle of that spectrum as close to Devine as HUMANLY possible, with the knowledge that you can never become it . You innate humanity is diametrically evil and Devine, thus humanity is not capable of true divinity but can only mimic what it believes divinty is.

One must not lose your humanity in the search for righteousness, being human and being Christian are not mutually exclusive tenets. Remember, to err is human but to forgive is divine…Your search for Christianity should find itself somewhere in the middle of that spectrum as close to Devine as HUMANLY possible, with the knowledge that you can never become it . You innate humanity is diametrically evil and Devine, thus humanity is not capable of true divinity but can only mimic what it believes divinty is.


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My Macbook but I wouldn’t necessarily call it inanimate

Re: Romany Malco on Trayvon Martin Via Huffington Post Blogs

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In his analysis, like many others who have taken the introspective approach to this issue, he denies the victim. It’s almost like he is saying that because black men participate in these cultural tenets, then the behavior that comes from it is worthy of harassment, oppression or even murder. He denies, not explicitly, that this was a tragedy, and almost implies that Trayvon deserved it.

My problem with these people who argue this point is that, am I not allowed to enjoy rap music in all of its ignorance and glory, even though white people overwhelmingly purchase the music, and attend the concerts more than black people? Am I not allowed to dress the way I feel I want to dress for fear of being shot? Can I be whomever I chose to be regardless of me needing to be a totem for my race?

Any other young man in our society can enjoy that freedom without fear for their safety why do we need to change to fit a society that has unfairly dealt us a bad hand. No one has forgotten about the problems of Chicago, but while that continuous violence is happening within our village another force has decided to attack our village, and right now is the time when we take a stand and stand up as a tribe and defend that village. We can fight with each other we will handle that at home but should someone else be allowed to come in and destroy what little we have already built. White boys can walk around in trenchcoats, makeup, black nail polish, anarchistic shirts, and the like and he’s seen as troubled, artistic, or sensitive, but a young black man who wears gold teeth, fitted caps, baggy jeans, and hoodies are a threat, dangerous or a thug. The saddest part is when White boys do the same they are seen as normal. Why can’t we stand up and fight and afford our young black man the freedom to live his life emulate his heroes and grow safely, without ridicule from a country that has grown him yet continues to tell him you do not belong unless you fit our mold of what you should be, while everyone else can be whomever they choose to be.

To be Black is not a singularity of experience, we all have subjective lives, we don’t all see the world the same because we are people, we are human and we are individuals, with most of us only sharing commonalities in levels of melanin in our skin. So to offer a prescription for what Black folk ought to do, or that black people ought to be is ignorant in itself. I am a man who happens to be black, I am intelligent, I am dark skinned, I love rap music, sometimes of the most ignorant nature, and I love chicken and watermelon, but I also love philosophy, rock and roll, art, cooking and nature. Yet, the former are what many have used to define me within my blackness. I once was exactly like Trayvon Martin. I wanted gold teeth, I listened to violent music, I was fairly tall and bold, and I dressed like many would consider a thug, and undoubtedly I would have reacted the same as he did that night.

 Further I believe every seventeen year old boy would behave that way if they noticed someone following them, at night, while they were alone, in the rain. Especially during that time in your life when you are toeing a line of adolescent immaturity with physical manhood, you are a strong as you’ve ever been and everything you have ever been taught in your life has told you not to be a “punk” or to defend yourself. If a stranger decided to follow me I would confront him too at 17 years old and stand and defend myself, even more ferociously if I saw a man whom I believe is carrying a dissenting opinion of me based on my skin color. because at 17 I don’t have the mental capacity nor the maturity to remember that anything could happen, that this person may want to kill me, that this person may be armed or that he failed police psychological exams, Me nor any 17 year old boy would have that capacity, therefore they may have all lost their lives that night.

Unless of course they are not black, because then they would have the privilege of being assumed to be a resident of the neighborhood who was just walking home, or maybe even they could have been visiting a friend or at worst sneaking his girlfriend out of the house like thousands of 17 year old boys have done and will continue to do forever. Unfortunately Trayvon didn’t dress and behave according to the “right” guidelines for safe young black male perception, that book of unwritten rules black males have to live by daily in order to not be seen as dangerous or a threat, so he was shot to his death in a fight between two men, an altercation, in which whether one feared for his life or not, did in fact kill the other and that young male happened to be black, and enjoy the things that his contemporaries, whether, White, Black, Asian, or Hispanic, all enjoyed.

So to rebuttal what Mr. Malco has said yes there is an introspection that must be done within our village, in order to fix some of those pressing internal issues that have halted or growth as a people, and of course no time is right like the present. However, because I choose to live my life a certain way does not change my desire for love, respect, compassion, empathy or any other tenet of humaness. No one will forget the young black boys of whom we are losing with great haste in Chicago, but at the moment we are remembering Trayvon and reminiscing on times that we thought were almost gone. Right now we are healing as a people for the loss of a son at the hands of an outsider, as much as we mourn for the loss of our sons at the hands of his brother. Both problems need to be solved but right now we are remebering our newest unfortunate martyr in the struggle for real equality.


1. Life isn’t fair, but it’s still good.

2. When in doubt, just take the next small step.

3. Life is too short not to enjoy it.

4. Your job won’t take care of you when you are sick. Your friends and family will.

5. Don’t buy stuff you don’t need.

6. You don’t have to win every argument. Stay…

I used to think this was a photo of a man with the weight of the world bearing down on him. Now I see its a man holding the world up. Its not an act of servitude, its an act of love

My Grand-daddy

I have always been someone who believed that it is greater to serve your community, than to serve yourself. I have always been inspired by the legend of my great-grandfather. He was a community leader and head of the NAACP in Kingstree,SC, he was responsible for getting the mail to run through certain areas of his town,as well as getting the train to run through his town, the train is, to this day, the only major mode of transportation that comes into that town. When I visit I get inspired whenever I see a train stop. He was only 5’3” tall and very skinny, he also only had a 3rd grade education. Despite his small stature and lack of education, he still is a well remembered figure in that part of South Carolina and I am very proud to call myself a member of his family. I’ve learned from the stories about him that it does not matter the obstacle you can always be, and should always be someone who helps other. I may never end poverty in my lifetime, but I hope to make a huge dent in it. There should never be a reason why any child goes hungry or is made to feel like they are less than someone else because of a situation they live in. I hope one day that this will be a reality and this is what has always drawn me to service.


Most people believe in God without question, and they base it completely on faith without a drop of tangible evidence.However, If someone says they received a message from God, or a child believes in Santa until they are 15 or if someone has a great idea but we don’t understand it, we dismiss them and call them crazy, immature or what they believe is impossible. All these concepts are based on the same amount of fact and faith, so in 2012 when someone tells you they believe in something have a little more faith before you be the “voice of reason”.

Happy New Year to the Winners

Many people talk about how blessed they’ve been and how happy they are to be alive to see a new year, but I can’t help but feel differently. I feel like the world has continuously kicked me when I was down and as soon as I was able to get back on my feet life sucker punched me, tripped me, then kicked me in the ribs again.

 I’ve had opportunities that I let pass me by, I’ve felt like a failure, I’ve quit and in 2011 I lost continually, In 2012, it won’t be my year and it won’t be anything new unless I change me. I’m not praying for change I’m not willing to make or wishing well for myself. This year I’m done being the good guy and playing by the rules, because life fights dirty so I’m gonna start eye gouging, kicking in the groin, and pulling hair.

Many people think change is fate or divine favor but I believe it’s reward,maybe divine, maybe not but either way it’s reward. This year I’m putting it all on the line for my success. The only question I’m concerned with is will this action make me more successful if so then It’s time to work!!!! 

I never had a drop of good luck in my life but I’m gonna get what I want because I’m tired of waiting for it to be delivered because I think I work hard and deserve it. I’m gonna win even if I have to tear down the buildings of my college or skyscrapers on wall street or start punching random people in the balls I’m gonna be successful this year